Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ways to Positively Cope with Stress

Frequently, students have sought out unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Some negative ways to deal with stress include:

  • drinking too much caffeine
  • smoking 
  • drinking alcohol 
  • compulsive spending
  • over-eating

A couple of the items listed above may cause students to end up in our office. Drinking underage, binge drinking, and illegal substances can have undesirable effects on your conduct record. Let's explore some ways to deal with stress and anxiety positively around campus.
  • Hit the gym
    • NIU recreation center has ample ways to get involved in sports and get your workout in
    • Anderson Hall has a pool if you enjoy swimming
  • Eat healthier
    • Changing your diet can improve your energy level
  • Sleep more
    • Getting enough sleep at night can help concentration and energy levels 
  • Talk to someone
    • NIU offers counseling free of charge to student at Counseling and Consultation Services, Community Counseling Training Center, Marriage and Family Services, and Psych Services.
  • Get involved
    • Talk with Student Involvement and Leadership to find ways to connect with groups in the NIU campus community
  • Do you live in the halls?
    • Talk to your community advisor or hall director. They may have some "Stress Less" activities coming up!
For more information about these services please visit

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