Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Helpful hints from Housing and Dining

Remember some of these helpful things as we begin to close the building for the end of the year:

  •  There are no open flames in the residence halls. This includes any open heating source such as hot plates.
  •  Remember to remove all of your belongings from the room!
  •  Remember that weapons are prohibited in the residence halls!
  • Keep in mind that any conduct issues that arise during final’s week will carry over to the next semester!
  •   Alcohol is prohibited to minors in the residence halls. If you are 21 years of age, you may drink alcohol behind closed doors with no more than 2 guests who also need to be of 21 years of age. When bringing alcohol into the building, please make sure it is concealed.
  • Remember the campus smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes and vaporizers within the residence halls!
  •  Keep your smoke detector uncovered and do not hang anything from your ceilings as these are fire safety violations.
  • Guests are required to be signed in. Every resident is allowed 2 registered guests per night and they may only stay for a period of 72 hours of less within a one week period. Consult your roommate or suitemate before housing a guest!
  • Please keep in mind that residence hall billing is left up to the discretion of the Residence Hall Director. If you have any questions, please contact hall staff.